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David Adeola som har besøgt bedehus Danmark

05 Mar 2015 23:26

Legislating at the Gates-Ruth 4
The gate is a place of access and of authority!  The Gate served as a combined town hall and courthouse where Elders witnessed transactions and decided cases. Gates were the center of civic and economic life in an Israelite city, where the leading men or elders gathered. At the Gates any decision agreed is binding on all parties.
The elders at the gates determined the fate of Ruth and Boaz in our scripture reading.  That decision was binding with an oath that could not be reversed. Boaz and Ruth's family eventually includes David and from David will come the Messiah Jesus Christ our Lord.
One example of a modern Gate today is the Parliaments or Congress, where we have elders (MPs and MEPs, Senators, Congressmen) determine the course of our nations and lives through legislations.
Judgements are also made at the Gates. David judged Israel at the gates.
2 Samuel 18:24 Now David was sitting between the two gates, and the watchman went up to the roof of the gate by the wall, and when he lifted up his eyes and looked, he saw a man running alone." What we see and how we see ultimately determines the success of our duty as Gatekeepers and/or as a watchman.
We have to take our position at the gates of our cities to prevent an Absalom to sit and judge at our gates- 2 Samuel 15:1-6. Most of the gates in our cities have an “Absalom" judging there and winning the hearts of the people.
Absalom conspired against his father King David, as he tried to usurp the authority of the ruling King by acting deceptively in the capacity of the King. He succeeded for a season in stealing the hearts of the people of Israel at the gate-2 Samuel 15:13 “And a messenger came to David, saying, “The hearts of the men of Israel have gone after Absalom."Absalom was not the King but he stood at the gates with the ultimate plan to overthrow his father the King. 2 Samuel 15:10 “But Absalom sent secret messengers throughout all the tribes of Israel, saying, “As soon as you hear the sound of the trumpet, then say, ‘Absalom is king at Hebron!'"
The lesson here is if we don't occupy our position at the gates, and exercise our authority as Gatekeepers, a different spirit like Absalom takes over.
In the UK for instance the House of Lords in the Parliament will vote today on the government's controversial 'mitochondrial transfer' proposals. If passed, the UK would become the only country in the world to allow the creation of 3-parent, genetically modified children. They challenge God's pattern for family, where each child has one genetic mother and father. Meddling with the genetic code could have huge consequences.  Please pray for the United Kingdom today especially.
The Lord is calling for Spirit filled Elders to take their position at the Gates and legislate and be the Gatekeepers for their nation/cities and not allow an “Absalom" to steal the hearts of the people.
Will you answer the call today and take your position at the Gates of your Parliament/Congress in your nations and lift up the hands of the Christian MPs, Senators, and Government Ministers? They are going through tremendous pressures because of their faith in the House of Parliaments?